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Christer Eidemar
My big interest for Spanish olive oil gave me the idea to import and market specially chosen products from Spain.
That's how it started

The Spanish food culture has a large variety of exciting products to offer. Many regions have their own specialties and there is always room for new explorations. It is an intriguing prospect to go on a culinary journey through Spain. Food and wine really is an exploration for the senses.

My goal is to market genuinely Spanish products of high quality, from different regions. The import is direct, without middle hands, from small to middle size producers which focuses on taste and quality rather than volume. In many cases it is family companies which have been passed on for generations, and has their roots in the regional traditional cooking.

Christer Eidemar






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Image Item No. Category Product Amount Unit Price Buy
3686 Capers Capers 280cc 25:-
60043 Charcuterie Spicy Barbecue Fresh Chorizo 35:-
60072 Charcuterie Barbacue Chorizo Inferno 35:-
60077 Charcuterie Barbacue Chorizo Mediterráneo 35:-
60079 Charcuterie Barbacue Chorizo Arizona Grill 35:-
60149 Charcuterie Serrano Ham Reserva - deboned skinless 475:-
60157 Charcuterie Bellota Iberico Ham Peeled. Deboned 4500:-
60168 Charcuterie Cebo de Campo Iberico Loin, Sliced 70:-
70034 Cheese Iberian Cheese 6 months 3kg. 570:-
70039 Cheese Manchego Cheese 12 months 3kg. 750:-
70037 Cheese Iberico Cheese in wedges 200 gr. 45:-
70050 Cheese Manchego Cheese 12 months in wedges 200 gr. 45:-
70055 Cheese Raw Sheep Milk Cheese with Black Truffle 550 gr. 200:-
90256 Coffee GRAN LUXE 160:-
80030 Fish and Seafood Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil (Gourmet) 125ml 30:-
80162 Fish and Seafood Small Sardines in Olive Oil (Gourmet) RR125 10/12 pieces 125ml 30:-
90313 Fish and Seafood Cantabric Sea Anchovies 13 fillets. 60gr NDW 60:-
80079 Fish and Seafood Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil 212ml 45:-
80155 Fish and Seafood Fillets of Mackerel in Tomato Sauce 4/6 pieces (Gourmet) 125ml. 25:-
80132 Fish and Seafood Razor Clams in Sea Water (Gourmet) 3/5 120ml 60:-
80184 Fish and Seafood Natural Cockle 45/55 (Gourmet) 120ml 75:-
80150 Fish and Seafood Squid Pieces in Ink Sauce (Gourmet) 120ml. 30:-
3618 Fish and Seafood Galician Clams in seawater 120ml 60:-
80128 Fish and Seafood Octopus with Garlic Sauce 120ml 30:-
80039 Gazpacho Spanish Gazpacho 490ml 25:-
6500102 Olive Oil Oleaurum DOP Garrigues Verd 0.75 L 110:-
6510136 Olive Oil Oleaurum DOP Siurana 0.75 L 110:-
6510139 Olive Oil Oleaurum Coupage 0.25 L 50:-
6510152 Olive Oil Miró DOP Siurana 500 ml 95:-
6510116 Olive Oil OleAurum DOP Siurana 5 L 450:-
6511112 Olive Oil OleAurum Organic DOP Siurana 0.75 L 120:-
20015 Olives Gordal with Onion in Oil Amphora 6x580cc 65:-
20016 Olives Hot Chili Stuffed Gordal Amphora 6x580cc 65:-
20017 Olives Garlic stuffed Gordal Amphora 6x580cc 65:-
20018 Olives Almond Stuffed Manzanilla Amphora 6x580cc 65:-
20064 Olives Gordal Olives with Dried Tomato and Capers in Olive Oil Amphora 6x580cc 65:-
20043 Olives Pitted Green Olive Manzanilla 12x370cc 25:-
20044 Olives Spicy Cocktail Sticks 12x370cc 25:-
20046 Olives Whole Green Olive Manzanilla 12x370cc 25:-
20047 Olives Seasoned Olive Gazpacha 12x370cc 25:-
20048 Olives Olivepickle Cocktail 12x370cc 25:-
30025 Olives Whole Green Olive Manzanilla with Rosemary/Garlic 12x370cc 25:-
3683 Olives Pitted green olive Manzanilla with Chili 280cc 25:-
3685 Olives Gherkin stuffed green olive Manzanilla 280cc 25:-
80009 Patés Iberian Paté with Paprika 100g 25:-
80063 Patés Manchego Cheese Paté 100gr 25:-
30021 Pepper Whole Piquillo Peppers Extra Quality 314gr 25:-
30073 Pepper Red Pepper in Stripes Roasted in Wood Oven 330gr 25:-
140002 Rice Bomba Rice in Cloth Sack 20x500 gr 60:-
30089 Sauces Romesco Sauce 130gr 35:-
30103 Sauces Alioli with Black Garlic 140gr 30:-
30104 Sauces Alioli Spicy 140gr 30:-
30105 Sauces Alioli with Lemon and Thyme 140gr 30:-
3501 Snacks Potato Chips with black truffle, 110g 20:-
90331 Snacks Marcona Almond, Blanched, fried and Salted 125g 40:-
90085 Spanish Turrón Chocolate & Whisky Turrón 200gr 30:-
13016 Spices Spicy Paprika 75gr 25:-
80057 Sundried tomato Bio Dried Tomato in Bio Olive Oil 12x156ml 30:-
90066 Sweets Red Pepper Jam 12x140gr 25:-
90069 Sweets Figs Jam 12x140gr 25:-
90072 Sweets Pomegranate Jam 12x140gr 25:-
80991 Tapas Mix Tapas Mix 290:-
90318 Tapenade green olive tapenad 115 gr 30:-
90319 Tapenade black olive tapenad 115 gr 30:-
90338 Tapenade black olive tapenad with capers 115 gr 30:-
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